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The Katalyst Bat™ was designed purposefully to allow you to perform KST movements safely.
Please DO NOT attempt KST programs using any other equipment.


Research proves movement efficiency is the cornerstone for optimal shoulder health and performance. Katalyst Shoulder Training® (KST) is an integrated series of programs - scientifically based and field-tested - that develops, reinforces, and maintains the neuromuscular coordination which is the foundation for efficient movement. KST programs use 3D rotational movements that simulate the biomechanics of overhead sport motions. To bridge the gap between training (practice) and performance (game), KST uses movement sequences and teaching methods that allow you train the way you play. 



Pat Murphy

MLB Bench Coach - Milwaukee Brewers

"With so many arm care products and programs out there, it can become overwhelming to decipher which is the most effective, time efficient, and easy to use. I had my reservations when I initially saw Katalyst Shoulder Training, but once I went through their activation program, I was sold. KST is the most comprehensive shoulder health and performance system out there. I would highly recommend it for any player or coach."

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